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Here are a few requirements to use this site and the conditions in which Putyourbiz will do business with you.


  1. User - (You) are required to pay the ad fees before ad will be activated.
  2. We may request Id Card for Extremely Graphic or questionable ads / failure to respond within 24 hours will lead to such ads being removed.
  3. You may not represent a third party in any way. All Ads are the responsibility of the Ad owner
  4. You may only post content which you own or are authorised to use.
  5. All payments made to Putyourbiz designated account are non-refundable.


  1. Resources are tied to a phone number belonging to a company account or an individual account.
  2. resources from active accounts are displayed on the platform and are searcheable
  3. Phone number change attracts a fee of $3 USD
  4. Resources may go through moderation at any time, before or after display.
  5. Each resource gets a dedicated page to add text, pictures and video.
  6. Each account can have an unlimited number of resources and resources can also be shared on social media.


  1. By browsing or using this site you agree that Putyourbiz, its staff and its affiliates are IN NO WAY and AT ANY TIME liable to ANY SORT of damages that may arise now and in the unforseeable future.
  2. By browsing this site you agree to waive and forfeit all rights to pursue any kind of litigation towards ANY of the Principal Officers and team of Putyourbiz in any country and under any jurisdiction.
  3. By browsing this site you agree that you are responsible for any content you post and upload on this platform, and have made such information publicly available to whom it may concern. You may also take down any content you post at any time.

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