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Reach your Target Audience the best way you can.

Promo can do what Packaging cant!

* Putyourbiz Offers - Self Promotional Marketing Campaigns for Organisations / Individuals.

Promote Your Interests Online with [Photos], [Videos] and [Contact Links] to your Whatsapp or Group or Website for as long as you like.

We do not limit views or engagement on our platform however login access is restricted for inactive users.

Why PutyourBiz?

  1. Discovery. Putyourbiz helps customers who do not have your contacts discover your Business. They can easily reach you through Whatsapp, Phone call or Telegram
  2. Cost of Advertising. Many businesses simply cannot afford to pay the big advertising companies. Even if they could, it is often not sustainable for long periods of time. On our Pro-Connect », you can reach people who are not even searching for you right on their mobile devices at 1 Naira per person. See pricing plans ...
  3. Neccesity. Every startup and growing business needs exposure and quick access to market. either to validate the idea or to make actual sales.
  4. No fake likes and clicks. Customers either contact you or they dont. period.

What do you get?

  • Self promote whatever you are into.
  • Reach People in Any part of the Country instantly.
  • Target Groups of people by location, gender, interest or occupation via Mobile Marketing.
  • Get Found by People searching for what you offer.
  • Reach People who are not even searching for you straight to their mobile phones.
  • Clients reach you at the click of a button either via call or whatsApp.
  • Awareness campaigns that cost less than N5 to reach a person on whatsapp + sms combined.
  • Instant Results.